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My Life as a Doormat Indie Web-Series / Pilot

Created & written by Ivy Tobin
Less than 2 weeks until we shoot! So grateful for all the wonderful people involved in bringing “My Life as a Doormat” off the page and onto the small screen.
Director ~ Anthony Robert Grasso
Exec. Producer ~ Ivy Tobin
Producer ~ Mitch Poulos
Rose Lipschitz ~ Ivy Tobin
Harold Lipschitz ~ Mitch Poulos
Ms. Winters ~ Pamela McCool
Jules Spector ~ Vassileia Kazee
Rose Gardner ~ Maya Jacobson
Dr. Hungwell ~ Anthony Grasso


Excited about the Long Island International Film Expo including “RESISTANCE: Retreat” in their line up this July. Details coming soon.

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This fall I worked in an independent TV pilot, RETREAT. Co-writting and acting in the first episode, Resistance. Working with an incredible cast and crew made my return to acting, (after a long hiatus) marvelous!